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Creative storytelling and media production is our only focus. Many of our clients already have a thorough understanding of their marketing needs and publishing avenues, and they want a multi-media package that’s customized, directed, and branded. What’s needed is a scalable production team to carry out their vision across still and moving imagery.

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ALA is designed to be location independent, and perhaps it’s the most misunderstood thing about our business. For us, it isn’t about promoting a travel lifestyle or influencing people on social media - it’s about preventing our business from becoming limited by location. ​

Not being permanently tied to a single market allows us to work for the best producers, find the most parallel clients, and search for the most inspiring subjects. Our lean production structure and years of experience shoestring traveling allow us to offer affordable services wherever we are.

We periodically move to new regions in search of personal and professional growth. We embrace all that we can learn from the people we are fortunate to work with along our way, and we bring these lessons with us to each new job.


As friends and business partners we share a lot in common - but we are each experienced artists with our own unique backgrounds, strengths, and styles. The images we deliver are a totally unique and complimentary combination of our two different perspectives.


Sometimes we work on different fronts, sometimes we fill separate roles, and sometimes we collaborate on the same thing every step of the way. This allows us to achieve far more as a team than could ever be done alone and saves time without sacrificing coverage or quality. 


What unites us is a mutual fascination for the process of making images, the ability to find inspiration in just about any subject, and the desire to be always growing and building upon our shared vision.

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We insist on taking the time to do things right. By putting a lot of upfront planning into each job, we ensure that our goals are met on budget and on time. We research each new subject and audience, often develop proof-of-concepts, and happily reshoot things to improve them whenever we can.

We maintain excellent in-house equipment, and many of our workflows can reliably produce both photo and video content during the same session. We deploy mobile studio rigs, custom lighting setups, and quality sound recording. We often rent additional equipment and hire subcontractors as we scale productions to meet our client’s needs. As a team we are able to operate whatever lights and cameras the action requires.

Every production is different, and engaging with the technical challenges of each new subject is one of the things we love most about our job.


We are able to fill a wide range of roles as independent contractors, but our focus is on cinematography and lighting. Our education and experiences have taught us to work well with anyone. Moreover, successfully managing our own clients has given us a deep appreciation for many of the realities that affect production teams.


We integrate easily into larger teams and love working on set with skilled and dedicated people. We always check our egos at the door, bring hard work and dedication, and strive to empower others through our efforts.