A Life Authentic in its most simple form encompasses two people on a photographic and cinematic road trip from Alaska to Patagonia. We founded ALA as an attempt to merge two passions into one lifestyle: photography and travel.


ALA Business strives to become a thriving location-independent media production company.

Our mission is to seek out and produce creative

content for industries that we connect with.


ALA Travel strives to explore our world and share stories authentically.


The 'Three P Philosophy" | How We Work

We strive to produce creative content for people and companies that are:


                   Ethical | Local

          Sustainable | Service Oriented

Exploring | Growing

      Skilled | Awesome

We refuse not to be passionate about our work, so we travel.

We seek work in industries that

we are passionate about.

Driven to develop our skills 

on the long road to mastery,

we collaborate to learn from

and celebrate the skill

of our clients.

Our business exists to support

a sustainable travel lifestyle

and to create exciting content for our

viewers. We work honestly, ethically and through the incredible people

we meet on the road.



Love Songs to Carlito


Long Term, Short Form Storytelling



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