A Life Authentik in its most simple form encompasses two people on a photographic and cinematic road trip from Alaska to Patagonia. We founded ALA in an attempt to merge two passions into one lifestyle: photography and travel.


ALA Business strives to become a thriving location-independent media production company. Our mission is to seek out and produce creative content for industries that we connect with. Our business exists to support a sustainable travel lifestyle that promotes life-long learning and self- actualization.


ALA Travel strives to learn about our world and share stories authentically.


Matt is a photographer by trade and a shoestring traveler by choice. In 2015 he left his old job and stationary life behind in search of a more meaningful purpose and lifestyle. He found his passion in photography on the road and advanced into the professional realm through self-education and several great mentors. In 2017 he started a successful architectural photography company that evolved to encompass corporate video production. A Life Authentik is the attempt to take his business and lifestyle one step further by merging his passions into a location-independent multi-media production company.

Before starting A Life Authentik, Michael had been learning and working in academia for over 10 years, and for him this trip is something between a graduation and a great escape. In that time, he has become a photographer, and film producer and sound recordist.
He managed the media equipment Rental House and production studios at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont with many incredible work study students. There he found a passion for organizational development and systems design. He has helped to produce several indie films, most recently Hidden Blueprints with Director Jeremy Lee MacKenzie. As a photographer, he has been focusing on food since working with Chef Sandi Earle to make the photography for her cookbook My Thirty Year Love Affair with Food in Vermont. While on a photographic journey through Egypt and Ethiopia, Michael met Matt in Istanbul where they shared a common vision and new goals. A little over a year later, they left their lives behind to find a better way of life and a sustainable way to travel.

Carlito was a rescue purchased from a woman who purchased him from who knows who. He / She / It is a red 2003 Ford Escape. Carlito is our home, our office, and our travel companion. We have often reflected that the whole of this trip is really just a Love Song to Carlito. When Carlito makes it the bottom of the world, we will give it away to someone who could use it. Viva Carlito!